Birdsville Big Red Bash
It's Live! in Queensland

2-4 JULY 2024


From today, Birdsville Police will be providing twice daily updates in relation to all major access roads to Birdsville. Below is the PM update from Monday 26th June.


Birdsville to the North

The Eyre Developmental Road from Bedourie to Birdsville has re-opened (Lake Machattie by pass no longer in use) and only has a 15km section of dirt.

Local council have completed works on the dirt section and it is in great condition at this time.


Birdsville to the West

Access to the Simpson Desert National Park is currently closed from Big Red due to river flooding at Eyre Creek this will be re-assessed on 15/7/2023


Birdsville to the South 

The Birdsville Track (Approx 500km of dirt) from Marree to Birdsville was closed due to rain at 1.25pm on 26/6/2023.  Further rain is expected on the track and it will be re-assessed on Wednesday 28/6/2023.  Closing of the road will give it a chance to dry out and remain in good condition when it re-opens.  An alternative route should be planned if the track does not re-open due to high rain fall totals.

Arrabury Road open and Cordillo Road 4WD only however please check local road reports as conditions could change quickly.


Birdsville to the East

The Birdsville Developmental Road between Windorah and Birdsville is open. Local councils have been completing a lot of works on this roads and it is in great condition.  There is approximately 200km of dirt on this road.


All stakeholders are aware of the increased number of travellers on the roads into Birdsville and will be doing everything possible to keep roads open and traffic moving.


Please advise people to keep checking current road reports as conditions can/may change quickly on outback roads. 


Stephan Pursell

Officer in Charge, Birdsville Police Station, Mount Isa District | Queensland Police Service 


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