Birdsville Big Red Bash
It's Live! in Queensland

2-4 JULY 2024

Big Blue Day

Big Blue Day undoubtedly stood out as one of the highlights of Big Red Bash 2023. A total of 5,467 Bashers, all dressed in blue from head to toe, came together to support JDRF and celebrated the Australian spirit, breaking the world record for “the largest human image of a country”. Big Blue Day raised an impressive $120,000 for JDRF, an organisation dedicated to researching Type 1 diabetes. 

Big Red Bash 2024 is excited to welcome the second edition of  ‘Big Blue Day’, to be held on Tuesday, July 2nd. We hope that you will join in this record-breaking attempt, to create the largest image of Australia while supporting a good cause.  

This year, we’re creating a more sustainable Big Blue Day, and to participate, you will need to purchase a  blue participation sticker (details on costs & how to register below) and wear a blue item on your head – a hat, wig, bandana, cap, or whatever suits you best! 2023 Bashers, you are more than welcome to bring last year’s blue wig!

Join us in bringing together over 5,500 Big Red Bashers to make history once more while making a difference! 

Big Red Bash has been supporting JDRF Australia since its first event in 2013. JDRF Australia is the leading organisation for type 1 diabetes research, advocacy and community support. With the event founder Greg Donovan’s personal connection to the cause, we have already raised over $1 million to aid those affected by type 1 diabetes. We aim to raise another $120,000 this year at our second Big Blue Day.

We know that Bashers love to dress up and have fun. So whether you are participating in the record or not, we want everyone to get decked out in their best blue accessories and clothes for Big Blue Day in support of JDRF. And if you are interested in making history, you can purchase a $15 ticket to participate in our epic world record attempt!

Find out more about JDRF at


Tuesday 2nd July, 10am.


Concert Area.


  • $15 entry fee per person, with all proceeds going to JDRF.
  • Buy your tickets while purchasing your tickets OR online here OR at the JDRF tent at the Bash, next to the merchandise tent in the Plaza Area.

  • If you purchased tickets online, exchange your e-ticket for your blue participation sticker from the Ticket Office in Birdsville when you collect your festival wristband.

  • Without your blue participation sticker + a blue item on your head, you won’t be permitted entry into the arena for the record attempt.

  • For those who aren’t participating in the world record attempt, you can still get involved in the fun and dress up for Big Blue Day in support of JDRF.

“It all began on top of the Big Red dune with my solo performance back in July 2013. At that time, none of us dreamt it would become the Big Red Bash, attracting over 10,000 people each July, with a line-up of 20+ Australian artists and taking its place as one of the most iconic music festivals staged in Australia.

This year, in addition to performing at the 10-year anniversary event, I’m thrilled to be performing one of my most loved songs ‘True Blue’ as the backing anthem for the Big Blue Day world record attempt, fundraising for Type 1 diabetes. 

It’ll be an amazing sight to have thousands of people from all corners of Australia gathered together on the red sand, dressed in blue in the shape of Australia. I’m really looking forward to being part of it.” ~ John Williamson.

“There are currently more than 130,000 of us living with type 1 diabetes in Australia, and National Diabetes Awareness Week kicks off on July 10, so we’re hoping our JDRF Big Blue Day will raise much-needed diabetes research funds and help create awareness.

My T1D diagnosis in 2008 at just 14 was life changing for me and my family – and to this day there’s rarely a day goes by that I’m not impacted in some way. I’m grateful that so many of our audience are not only generous in their charity support – but are also prepared to dress up and have fun in all our event activities – whether it’s Bashville drags or doggy dress up.” ~ Steve Donovan, Operations Manager, Outback Music Festival Group.

“JDRF is the leading type 1 diabetes research, advocacy, and community support organisation. We work every day to find cures and improve lives for the many in Australia already living with type 1 diabetes like Steve, and the 8 more diagnosed each day – but we cannot realise our vision alone.

We are so grateful to Outback Music Festival Group and all of the Big Red Bash patrons who will be sharing their support for JDRF at this year’s Big Blue Day, and the historical support since the Big Red Run many years ago. This recognition of our organisation and the fundraising efforts for JDRF are outstanding and will mean we can keep moving towards our vision of a world without type 1 diabetes.” ~ JDRF CEO, Mike Wilson OAM.

“We stopped staging the Big Red Run in 2019 when interest in the music festival far outstripped interest in the run – and always intended building in another fundraising element with JDRF. To date we’ve fundraised more than a million dollars for type 1 diabetes – a cause that’s so close to our hearts with Steve living with T1D on a daily basis.

However Covid and the resulting delays and event restrictions hit out of nowhere and the plans to work with JDRF again unfortunately had to be shelved – so now we’re out the other side of that it feels great to be getting back to our roots and building this new JDRF fundraising element into the event in our 10th year.” ~ Greg Donovan.


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