Birdsville Big Red Bash
It's Live! in Queensland

2-4 JULY 2024

Birdsville Facilities

Birdsville town has many thriving businesses and provides modern facilities for all travellers. Comfortable accommodation and general supplies are available in the town. Facilities include:

  • Birdsville Hotel / Motel
  • Birdsville Caravan Park
  • Free camping on the Common, south of town between the first cattle grid and the Diamantina river bridge (no facilities).
  • Birdsville Bakery
  • Two service stations & a general store
  • Post Office
  • Art gallery
  • Guided Tours
  • Police, Medical Clinic and Emergency Services
  • Tourist Information/Library/Internet Facilities
  • Airport with a sealed 1700m runway and unsealed cross-strip

Birdsville during the Bash

As the local population swells during and around the Big Red Bash, you can expect some crowds, queues and busy roads. There are a few things you can do to help:


Before you refuel in Birdsville, please unhitch your caravan and set up camp. Fewer caravans in the line means more space for other vehicles!

When you’re done filling up, head inside and pay for your fuel, then move your vehicle before stocking up with groceries, souvenirs or other supplies.


Drinking water available on the Town Common (taps are parallel to road) ONLY. Look for the green signs.  

These is the ONLY place you can fill your drinking water. Please don’t fill up your drinking water at any other location in or around Birdsville.


Please help us respect Birdsville locals’ wishes by camping in designated areas such as the Birdsville Caravan Park, or the free camping area at the Common.

There is no other free or roadside camping around Birdsville or on the way to the Bash – it’s all private property. Trespassers may damage station roads, disrupt dams or disturb the cattle.


Public showers are available opposite the Birdsville Sports Centre. The showers operate during daylight hours during the week of the Big Red Bash. The shower block is operated by the PCYC and a donation of $5 per person applies.


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