Birdsville Big Red Bash
It's Live! in Queensland

2-4 JULY 2024

Outback Driving

It’s wise to keep up to date with outback road conditions in the lead up to the Big Red Bash. Plan your route, and have a few alternate routes up your sleeve in case your preferred route doesn’t work out. 

Outback roads can often be closed after local rain, however they will usually re-open reasonably quickly as well. Evaluate all options, and work out extra travel times, and if you can, leave a few days spare in case you need to make detours.

Use this summary site to check relevant councils on your route. This site is maintained by our good friend Dave Phoenix, Burke and Wills historian, who joined us on the Burke and Wills Trek in 2014:

Safe Driving Guidelines

Our driving guidelines have been developed in association with Police, road safety authorities, local council and outback experts:

  1. Plan your driving to be off the roads by sunset – it’s not worth pressing on due to the risk of hitting roos or black cows wandering onto the road.
  2. Take scheduled breaks every couple of hours – enjoy the local towns and hospitality to break your journey.
  3. Don’t overtake in dusty conditions – you can’t see what’s ahead. If you come up behind a slower vehicle hang back out of the dust, be patient or stop and take an early break and have a roadside cuppa.
  4. If you come across a truck going the other way that’s raising dust, slow down, get off the road, stop and wait until it’s gone past.
  5. Outback roads can be poorly cambered with a loose surface – even the straight sections have caused experienced drivers to come unstuck. Drive slower than normal – enjoy the outback scenery.


Our team has heaps of experience driving on outback roads, if you’re keen to learn more, head to the links below!

We look forward to seeing you all arrive safely at the Bash!


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