Birdsville Big Red Bash
It's Live! in Queensland

2-4 JULY 2024

Travel Guides

People come from literally every corner of Australia to attend the Birdsville Big Red Bash. The journey to and from Birdsville is all part of the Big Red Bash experience and adventure, so to assist people to work out itineraries and plan their travels we have developed a range of Travel Guides based on capital city departure points. We will be updating and adding to these guides as we move towards the 2023 Big Red Bash.

Choose your city for a detailed guide on getting to Birdsville.


Approximately 14 hours driving time or leisurely sightseeing over 5 days.

From coast to country, with a deeper look into the inspiring history of South Australia’s outback – the ultimate scenic road trip to the Big Red Bash. This journey will take you around five days and four nights, along Australia’s south coast, past the Flinders Ranges, and up the Birdsville Track. Experience incredible coastal sunsets, the famous outback camel trekking tours and interesting food from South Australia’s native Quandong fruit.


Approximately 17 hours driving time or leisurely sightseeing over 4 days.

This guide will provide two routes you can take from Brisbane to Birdsville for the Big Red Bash, including recommendations on what you can see and do on your journey. Both of these road trips cover a great distance and are therefore split up over a number of days to ensure you make the most of what Queensland’s outback regions have to offer.


Approximately 25 hours driving time or leisurely sightseeing over 5 days.

Adventure meets relaxation on the drive from Darwin to Birdsville, from crocodile spotting and cave exploring to the tranquil hot springs and relaxing strolls in some of the country’s best national parks.


Approximately 30 hours driving time or leisurely sightseeing over 5 days.

From the big city to the ‘back o’ Bourke’, the journey from Melbourne to Birdsville will take you on a journey across the country, allowing you to walk in the footsteps of the Ned Kelly gang and experience some of Australia’s BIG things along the way. 


Approximately 26 hours driving time or leisurely sightseeing over 5 days.

Treat yourself to a warm apple pie and refreshing cider, explore the spectacular National Parks and get a selfie with one of Australia’s cricket legends.


Approximately 45 hours driving time or leisurely sightseeing over 8 days.

This is an adventurous journey – not for the faint hearted but well worth the trip for those adventurer seekers. Explore National Parks, visit remote Indigenous communities and stop off at the iconic Uluru landmark.


Approximately 47 hours driving/boat time or leisurely sightseeing over 7 days.

With almost 3,000 km to cover from the bottom of Australia right to the middle, we have compiled a list of all the places you can stop along the way. Start by catching the Spirit of Tasmania ferry to Melbourne, and get prepped for 6 days of tranquil sight-seeing and outback adventure.


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