Birdsville Big Red Bash
It's Live! in Queensland

2-4 JULY 2024

First Timers

This year thousands of people will make the unforgettable journey from all over Australia (and the world!) to the Big Red Bash. For some, it will be your first time in the Australian desert, driving on outback roads and camping on the red dirt.

It’s incredibly exciting – you’ll never forget your first night camped under the milky way. But we understand that there’s also a lot to think about when you’re preparing for a journey like this.

Our website is chock-a-block with useful information to help you plan and prepare for the Bash, but we know it can be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve brought together some of the most important information for first timers to help get your head around what to bring, what to keep in mind and what to expect on the way and at the Bash.

Outback Travel


The Bash is on the edge of the Simpson desert, but we’ll be there in winter so it might not be as hot as you think. You’ll still want a hat and light clothes for during the day, but it can get pretty chilly at night, so you might want to think about packing for cold conditions as well.

See Weather for further details.


Driving on Australia’s outback roads is an unforgettable experience, and driving to the Bash you’ll be part of a great nationwide journey to Birdsville. The roads that lead to Birdsville are spectacular, with big skies and wide open vistas, but driving on single-lane bitumen and loose surfaces for the first time can be a bit bewildering.

We’ve put together some guidelines on outback driving etiquette and safety to help you navigate some of these situations. See Outback Driving for further details.

It’s also worth following the Travelling to the Big Red Bash Facebook Group for regular updates and discussions on outback travel.

Big Red Bash Essentials


Birdsville is a beautiful desert town about 35km from Bashville. Before and after the Bash the population swells from about 100 to nearly ten thousand!

The only accommodation available in Birdsville during this time is camping, so make sure your camping setup is durable enough to keep you comfortable for more than just a few days.

See Accommodation for more information about camping in Birdsville.


Bashville is a pop-up town on the edge of the desert, so facilities are limited. We’ll provide most of the essentials like toilets, greywater disposal, a well-resourced medical facility, food vendors and limited firewood and ice, but that’s about it. Pre-orders are now open!

Check out Gear Guide and Facilities for helpful hints and tips to remember the essentials.


Around 4000 vehicles will roll in and out of Bashville to attend the Big Red Bash festival. Moving this many vehicles in and out of Bashville is quite a feat!

Your Guide to Rolling In & Out is an invaluable read to ensure you come prepared and don’t get delayed at the gates.


Medical services in Birdsville are limited, so make sure any medical conditions are under control before you leave. There are no pharmacies in Birdsville, so you need to bring all your medications with you.

We have a well-resourced medical facility at Bashville, staffed by doctors, paramedics and nurses from Queensland Health, but it is not a pharmacy. The closest hospital to Bashville is 685km away in Mt Isa, and the closest pharmacy is 625km away in Quilpie.


The Big Red Bash A-Z Guide covers all the essential info you need to help things run smoothly while you’re at the Bash: things to do before you leave home, things to remember in Birdsville and lots more.


Make sure you download the Bash App, available on Apple and Android devices. It will be available in mid June before the Bash and will be updated regularly with important information and alerts.


The 2023 Festival Guide is available to download as a PDF if you’d like to take a look. The 2024 Festival Guide will be available closer to the event date. You can also pick up a printed copy when you collect your wristband at Ticketing in Birdsville


Tune into Bash FM in Bashville to hear news, live updates, artist interviews, the music you love and much, much more!


No worries!

You might find the answers by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions.

We also recommend joining the Travelling to the Big Red Bash Facebook Group. You’ll find a lively and connected community and heaps of tips from seasoned Bashers. 

And of course you can always Contact Us!


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