Birdsville Big Red Bash
It's Live! in Queensland

2-4 JULY 2024


Volunteers apply to be a part of one volunteer team. Each team has different requirements including, skills, experiences and qualifications. Please check out our awesome range of volunteer teams below: 

Our camper education volunteers ride around the campground (with their own mountain bikes) relaying important housekeeping messages to patrons. This is perfect for someone who is confident, outgoing and who loves to have a chat. Ideally, camper education volunteers would have a background in education or training.
Catering assistants work closely with our professional event catering team in what may be Australia's most remote kitchen! The catering team works in a supportive and creative environment helping to prepare food for key crew and artists as well as helping with dish washing and serving. Hospitality background is preferred.
Concert area marshals work inside and at the gates to the concert area while getting to listen to fantastic live Australian music! The roles of the concert area marshals include manning the gates into the concert area and marshaling patrons to keep the concert area walkways clear from obstructions. This role is suited to confident and assertive people who want to be part of the atmosphere.
The electricians team is a versatile, practical team who help with a bit of everything related to our generator and electrical distribution. This includes initial set-up and pack-down, troubleshooting electrical issues and also a variety of general maintenance & set up tasks. In this role you'll be fully supported by our highly experienced electrical team leader. You will need to be a qualified electrician.
The entertainment and activities team is full of varied, fun and challenging roles. Volunteering in this team, you will help bring together various aspects of our event entertainment and activities for adults and kids alike. The entertainment and activities team is suited for specialist skilled, confident, outgoing, friendly and organised people who have experience in people-facing professions.
The helicopter ground crew work as part of a fun, social team who support the Big Red Bash helicopter pilot and heli bookings manager. Helicopter heroes' tasks include greeting joy flight customers and loading and unloading passengers into the helicopter. It's essential that the helicopter heroes are assertive, efficient and have previous experience working in a busy, fast-paced environment.
The hocker tent crew are a practical, hands-on group that work both before and after the Big Red Bash to erect and disassemble the hocker tents used on site, under the supervision of an experienced operator. They also help with general setup and pack down jobs. The hocker crew need to be handy and able-bodied. Previous experience with hocker tents would be beneficial, but not essential.
The information team is a very social role and a great way to meet lots of like-minded people.Working from an information booth, you will greet patrons of the Big Red Bash, as well as the general public, answering questions in regards to the event, camping, services, logistics and basic local tourism information. You'll need to be outgoing, friendly, and enjoy a good chat. Strong English is a must.
The merchandise team work as part of a busy, fun and supportive team in the Bashville merchandise tent. The merchandise team will assist in selling official event merchandise, artists merchandise and maintaining stock levels. Merchandise volunteers are confident, friendly and able bodied, with good English skills. Retail experience is desirable but not essential.
This role is to look after the plaza area to make it an appealing place for patrons to dine in the dust. Volunteers are practical, hands-on people who are willing to put their skills to a variety of jobs and man the plaza!
Road marshals are the backbone of efficient and safe traffic movements in and out of the Bashville site. Some shifts are a real buzz as you find yourself in amongst the busy atmosphere of camper roll in, or the main plaza, and others are blissfully quiet, at beautiful marshal spots a few kilometres away from the main activity.
Not only do the road setup team construct the impressive road and walkway network that is the Bashville camp site, but they also get to enjoy all of the concert! Members of this team are fit, able to walk 8km a day on sometimes soft ground and generally handy with practical tasks (including tying basic knots). Surveying experience would be great, though not essential.
We are looking for one volunteer to work with our Safety manager. In this team you will be our set of eyes and ears around Bashville, working within our risk management framework to walk around the festival site to identify and minimise hazards. In this team you get to enjoy short, interesting shifts with little overlap into concert times. To be in this team you will need to be a qualified and experienced safety officer who is able bodied and has good attention for detail.
The general setup and pack down team not only help create Bashville but are also able to enjoy all of the concert! The general setup and pack down team will assist with the construction and layout of the Big Red Bash site before the event (including constructing fencing and general infrastructure), and assist with pack down after the event. You'll need to be able bodied and generally handy, but you don't need to have any particular trade skills for most tasks.
The stage building crew work with our event builder to construct the Big Red Bash main stage and side stage, and all the work happens before and after the concert, so the team gets to sit back and enjoy the concert! Background in building or construction is preferred. generally handy, but you don't need to have any particular trade skills for most tasks.
The stage marshal team are lead by our stage marshal manager, professional security and backstage crew to marshal the stage area to only allow authorised people backstage. Stage marshals are around the action and can always hear the music, even if their shift clashes with the music times. Stage marshals are confident, assertive, able-bodied, able to stand for several hours a time and team players who will have a background working in police or security.
The storeperson team are an essential part of the logistics and management of our ever-growing gear depot at the Big Red Bash site. People in the storeperson team will work with our experienced gear manager in helping our crew find gear they are looking for in the depot and keeping track of ins and outs of critical items as well as helping to prepare piles of gear to go out to various areas of the site.
The Big Red Bash is held on an organic cattle property called Adria Downs and the Sustainability and Cleanup Crew help to look after the beautiful desert environment and protect the property's organic status. There's three main roles in this team & all of them are vitally important: Container Recycling, Concert Rubbish Crew & Dunny Angels!
Ticketing is a small, friendly team who scan pre-ordered tickets and distribute wristbands and vehicle passes from the ticketing office in Birdsville. The role is a comfortable one with the ticketing office being under a covered area. You'll need to be friendly and outgoing, and preferably have customer service experience.
Please note:
  • We try our best to give you your preferred bundles but cannot guarantee it.
  • Before arrival you will need to know your final shifts so you can plan your travel arrangements and stay, however we do ask you to be flexible as shifts may change at last minute if contingencies are enacted during the event.
  • If volunteering during the concert period, we will do our best to structure shifts so that you get to watch some of the concert free of volunteering commitments.
  • The volunteer teams all have different applicant requirements. Further details will be provided on the application page.
  • Some shifts are held during the concert hours. Make sure you choose carefully so you get to see the events you’re interested in. In general, music takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the afternoons and evenings. Put your application in early to avoid disappointment!
  • We suggest applicants tentatively arrange leave from work at the start of the application process to ensure their availability.
If You're Accepted

Once you’ve applied, we’ll let you know whether your application has been successful and then begin to send you information about your role.

Ready to continue?

Existing ticket holders are not entitled to refunds on their tickets, so please consider this carefully before applying for a volunteer role.

To apply to volunteer visit our Volunteer Application Portal.


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